The Mini Huddle Culture


The Mini-Huddle Culture explains and teaches the managers how to engage the people of the business in cross-functional teams to create the support required to achieve the sales management plan.


Jim gives solutions! Entertaining, beneficial.
Jim Ambrose Workshops

Here's what attendees are saying about Jim's Workshops!

Client Reviews

it's great to get 5 Fundamentals/Branch Manager Second Edition...I had the 1st Edition your books... I still use your selling techniques...Call name it...I still have all the workbooks...I'm Looking at my Sales Management for the Branch Manager workbook right now...I'm always talking Jim Ambrose this Jim Ambrose that... Keep up the great work Jim
Rob Lovely
Region Manager
It had good flow and high energy
Clay Bowering
Branch Manager
Bartle & Gibson Co., Ltd.
I enjoyed the interactivity and the relevance to our business.
Joe Meier
purchasing manager
Bartle & Gibson Co., Ltd.
worthwhile!! very relevant to the position, helps me be a better manager and leader,...workbooks kept our attention!
Joe Rougeau
Branch Manager
in a word "great" very engaging,...usable tools for all management
Alyssa Briggs
Branch Manager
Ideal workshop for branch managers!! Workbooks were very effective. Jim kept it interesting and fun.
Steve Sullivan
Branch Manager
Jim is a great communicator,...very interesting and creative content,...workbooks and discussion were a very useful tool and technique to present the material. I liked the self-awareness tools and suggestions on ways to become a better leader. This workshop is absolutely worth it!!
Janelle Robertson
Branch Manager
Jim is very credible, he knows our business, good interaction and dialogue with the workbooks, not death by powerpoint
Mike Klassen
Branch Manager
“When I was an Outside Salesman I attended your Business Leadership Skills for the Wholesale Distribution Branch Manager Workshop with a couple of my colleagues. Since that workshop, I have been promoted to Branch Manager in 2 locations, one of the other Gentlemen has been promoted to V.P. & General Manager, and the third Gentleman has been promoted to President of a business segment. All three of us thought the workshop was excellent and this is why I have purchased your Cracking Accounts books for my Teams.”
Steve Coleman
Guillevin Internationa
A must do for all managers! very pertinent engaging content, good examples and references and it really helps that you know our business!
Lynn Sheppard
Branch Manager
Jim's format for this workshop is very engaging, liked the workbook and discussion approach, mini-huddle tool kit is great
Roy Hannah
Branch Manager
Interactive, the mini-huddle and customer value stream concepts and tool kits,....a good management guide for our industry
Jamel Letain
Branch Manager
great interaction throughout the day, ideas and approaches, informative!!
Dylan Hoodicoff
Branch Manager
interesting content presented in a fun way, great group participation and activities,....very worthwhile experience...
Darren Wallace
District ops manager
very positive interactive day,...gave me some great tools, and alternative ways to do things,..intuitive and well explained
Jordan McKinnon
Branch Manager
Jim is great at explaining the tool kits,...knows well and had great comments about everything we do as branch managers,...a lot of good info
Dan Putz
Branch Manager
many useful tools, very effective....
Hector Alvarado
Branch Manager
Jim keeps you engaged throughout the day,.....many useful tools for employee engagement in the business.
Ken Sherwood
Branch Manager
Jim does an excellent job of keeping material relative and interesting with the group. Excellent opportunity to learn new and applicable practices of managing a workforce

Industrial Sales
Very good information like how it gets broken down into basic concepts

Branch Manager
I am taking away some solid strategies to go back with that will help cure some of the branch issues.

Counter Manager
The course was very educational and informative. I like the way the instructor communicates the information in a detailed manner and was application suitable to our world of operation.

Accounting Manager
Very informative/demonstrative the value of communication in an organization. Including the disconnect between sales and operations. Also how productivity can be maximized with exciting organization and the sales force.

Branch Manager
It covers up all the basic needs for a company that seek to fix or improve internal process as financial analysis or communication, that least to my typical problem, easy to improve, but costly with lots of rewards.

Excellent communications skills by the instructor. Common sense. Good stuff.
There were a number of topics covered that were very timely and pertinent for our current business climate

Branch Manager
I really liked the group introduction. Involvement allows me to retain more. Will call about books.

well organized and categorized
Greg Mynzak
Branch Manager
Bartle & Gibson Co., Ltd.
Very good class.

Excellent course. You exceeded my expectations.
Good stuff.
Great course. Thank you!

Operations Manager
Good energy. Like that it wasn't PPT-heavy. Take aways were decent.
Well Done
Jim Ambrose's One Day Power Play Workshop for managers is the most helpful and powerful workshop I have attended, Lot's of interaction and input of the group.
John Engels
Berry Companies
Very informative Jim. Very enjoyable as well. ... Full of wonderful tools ... it will help me.
Cory Guem
Good information, really liked the additional booklets to supplement the PowerPoint presentation. Was great.

I do think your book “Cracking Accounts” is one of the best “Business Plans” in print today. The FOCUS that it is bringing to our team is incredible. It has helped not only our Outside Salespeople to understand the value of focusing on the right Customers but it is also helping our whole company focus on the right Customers. The time you spent with our Sales Team was valuable and well done.
David Williams
Horizon Forest Products
very interactive...showed us in a practical way how to do everything that he was teaching.
Adam Dormer
warehouse manager
Bartle & Gibson Co., Ltd.
"Your presentation hit home, was a realistic view of their world with pragmatic solutions, everyone was able to relate to the discussions,..the communication excercise was very good, the concept of MUDA also hit home,..workshop was very good and right on target." Dave Domino President Liberty Roofing Center
Great Workshop Jim for an up and coming manager. The compass concept will guide me where to take the business. thanks!
Trevor Mackay
Most enjoyable Workshop Jim!! Looking forward to seeing you in another Workshop soon!
Bob Farmer
An extremely valuable Workshop Jim!! I now have a direction where to take my business and roadmap to get me there.
Kevin Tuchscherer
Very informative Jim. Very enjoyable as well. ... Full of wonderful tools ... it will help me.
Cory Guem
An extremely valuable Workshop Jim!! I now have a direction where to take my business and roadmap to get me there.
Kevin Tuchscherer
Gives you fresh insight on the things we need to be doing!
Eric Wooderson
Berry Companies
Very good Workshop for someone like me just becoming a branch manager. Very in depth, covered a lot, got to the point.
T. Harper
Be ready to participate! Great time spent.
Art Hudson
Berry Companies
As a new account manager with little experience I really enjoyed the Workshop... it gave me the techniques I need to make my efforts profitable.
T Mac Donald
Powerful! Well presented and thought out!
Jim Whitworth
Berry Companies
Great Workshop! Very pertinent to our day to day business. Very interactive, productive and fun!
M. Lovegrove
The Workshop was well presented by someone that has actually worked in the field... very informative, very energetic.
C. Gray
Great course! Well presented and executed. I thought I was a great salesperson, but with this Workshop I know have the tools to be great.
C. Monehet
Very Refreshing!
C. Naugler
The Jim Ambrose's Selling Skills Workshop will enable our sales and operation people to increase productivity, and grow top line sales. The Workshop and the his book Cracking Accounts is simple and very easy to implement. I recommend both!
Debra Logan
VP Sales
Vantage Healthcare
Jim's Workshop was great! One of the best I have ever attended. I look forward to reading more of his books.
Chris Seago
MCFA Dealer
Most helpful, powerful and pertinent Workshops I have ever attended.
Doug Curry
MCFA Dealer
I really enjoyed your class on my first day at UID. Out of all of the classes/seminars that I attended, I walked away with the most from your class.
Rick Waldman
Columbus Fasteners Corp
Jim's workshop combined his passion, experience and intelligence to provide attendees with vital business principles. I am excited to apply those principles at our companies. It was a day WELL spent.
Judy Worrell
Vice President
Berry Companies
Unbelievable...Great tools for the branch manager and for the company. The timing and flow were fantastic.
Keaton Druckenmiller
Branch Manager
Jim really knows and understands the wholesale distribution business and provides real fixes. This 4 Day Workshop moved at a very good pace... each day was full of great information I can take back to my branch and implement.
Ross Evans
Branch Manager
Marks Supply
The class all managers should attend. I was more pumped up after 10 hours than at most after one hour. All manager should attend this one.
Rick Lee
Branch Manager
Slakey Brothers Inc.
Jim is very approachable... All situations in the Workshop are relatable... Highly recommend you take this course.
Mathew Pecore
Crane Supply
Tom Homan
Homan Supply
Specifically designed for our business... provides real ways to solve branch issues.
David Bentson
Noland Company

Refrigerative Supply

This Workshop was very relevant to our managers' real life challenges. This was supported by Jim's experience and ability to get to the core issue or root cause.
Ray Newstead
Refrigerative Supply
Eye opening; there are so many small steps you can make as a branch/team to increase productivity, revenue, and happiness.
Andrew Hamilton
Refrigerative Supply
Great course; every manager and sales(person) should take the course/workshop.
Mark Nicholls
Refrigerative Supply
The best Workshop related to our industry.
Glen Gulerich
Refrigerative Supply
Worthwhile and informative.
Jeff Morin
Refrigerative Supply
Highly recommend to anyone in the distribution/supply trades industry. (Jim) doesn't just tell you what you should be doing--shows you how!
Refrigerative Supply

Sales Management and Selling Skills Workshop

Jim teaches a great method!
James S.
An extremely valuable seminar...I now have a direction where to take my business and a road map to get me there!
Kevin T
Highlighted a few processes with a different spin that I can use as a manager. Informative survey results to help me act on...very common sense approach for managing the customers and the branch.
Dan F
Entertaining and full of great ideas! Helps organize the sales call.
Jason G.
Great for old and new salespeople. (Shows)how to be better prepared for sales calls.
Chip S.
Very informative! Helps me be more organized.
Bill P.
Fun atmosphere where actual learning takes place. Call packets make sales calls more productive.
Dallas G.
Jim took a lot of concepts, put them together to show how they can greatly aid you.
Chris Z.
Worth every penney! Interactive, fun, and engaging. It reenergized us all!
Ryan C.
Jim gives solutions! Entertaining, beneficial.
Eli J.
Very helpful...on how to grow business!
Ashlee P.
This is a sales call bible!
Chase H.
very informative, very enjoyable. Full of wonderful tools, I know it will help me out.
Cory G.
Invaluable...showed me how to be more organized and maintain focus.
Ashley H.
Worth it! Learned tools to help make me a better salesperson.
Lindsey J.
It was awesome! Excellent flow of the Workshop from topic to topic.
Kelly E.
Great experience; I learned quite a bit!
Ike E.
Hands-on and easy to learn from; this is a must for anyone wanting to add new weapons to their sales calls.
Adam G.
A great was interactive and the attendees were kept engaged throughout.
Daniel W.
Loved the Open, New, Audit program and can see how it will benefit my Inside and Outside Sales Departments.
Daryn V.


The workshop...shows you how you could develop a stronger team by being a stronger leader.
succinct overview of distribution management essentials
Gave me insights on a few things I could be doing at the branch's monthly meetings...a great workshop for new branch managers. Gives great lessons and ideas for improvements in running a branch.
very full of great strategies; gave me a game plan for strategizing 2020
branch manager
Hood Distribution
a good investment worth the time
branch manager
C&C Wholesale
This workshop offered great insight for both new and experienced individuals in the industry.
branch manager
very insightful!
branch manager
Atlantic Plywood