The Fundamentals

Two Day Workshop

This Fundamental Skills Workshop begins with the Leadership introduction module that recognizes the very busy world of the business manager and the way to find the time to do the "right things."


Jim does an excellent job of keeping material relative and interesting with the group. Excellent opportunity to learn new and applicable practices of managing a workforce
Jim Ambrose Workshops

My Business Analysis

My Business Analysis

Do you need help understanding your financial statement? Could you use a tool to build a powerful business plan? My Business Analysis (MBA) will do both and show you how to use financial analysis to find the path toward improving branch profitability. The MBA is a powerful business planning tool on CD that every branch manager should use to improve operating income. It teaches the concepts and basics of wholesale distribution financial analysis and helps unlock the secrets of financial reporting. Author of NAW’s best seller 5 Fundamentals for the Wholesale Distribution Branch Manager, Jim Ambrose created the MBA as a practical application of the Fifth Fundamental in 5 Fundamentals. The Fifth Fundamental discusses the need for managers to apply variance and ratio analysis to their financial statements in order to understand the organizational behavior going on in the business.

The MBA is perfect for you, the branch manager, to use for financial training and to better understand how each section of the financial report impacts the bottom line. It is the right tool to use to build your business plan or budget because it allows you to select the right changes to make and shows you where to concentrate your efforts in order to gain the biggest improvement in your bottom line.

The MBA includes a CD and 16-page booklet. The CD includes:

  • A 20-minute tutorial on how to use the MBA Model and explains the parts of your financial report
  • A tool that creates a model using your actual data. In this model, you can apply financial analysis to get a clear picture of how and where you need to apply your efforts to improve your operating income.
  • A tool that shows you how to build a realistic business plan by adjusting variance and ratios to your actual financial data.

The accompanying booklet also explains the basics of the financial report along with the tools and techniques of applying variance and ratio analysis inside your financial statement. And it walks you through how to use the MBA Model as a supplement to the CD.

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