The Essential Series

5 Fundamentals

A series of FIVE 90 minute webinars designed to change your thinking, provide real tools to use and concepts to apply as manager of the distribution business at the market level.


I am taking away some solid strategies to go back with that will help cure some of the branch issues.
Jim Ambrose Workshops

Financial Analysis - All the analysis skills and techniques that you really need... and nothing more

The Branch Manager's world is full of data. Data is present not only in the formal financial reports sent from the corporate office, but also in the volumes of information intrinsic to branch transactions and operations. There are stories in the data that will provide the branch manager with an understanding of where the resources of time, people and cash should be applied and where they are being misapplied or misused.

Do you really need to add that additional person, or has productivity or return on effort declined? The financial statement is showing a profitable bottom line, but is there an alarming story buried in the data about changes in behavior that will mean serious future problems for the business? This Workshop module will provide the branch manager with the tools to find those answers.

This module is for every level of branch manager financial expertise, because it explains and creates ways to be creative with gathering and analyzing data to better understand any and all issues in the branch. Developing this creative approach of using data will provide the branch manager an evergreen skill that will drive continuous productivity and profitability improvements in the business.

The module will include the basics of the profit and loss statement and the cash productivity measurements found in the accounts receivable reports and the inventory performance reports. How to use the data in these reports to better understand productivity changes, profitability trends, and behavior of the organizations is included. The module will provide tool kits to apply the creative data analysis techniques presented to the interactive and fun mini case studies.

This is a very unique tool kit of creative analysis for the branch manager. It is not just another financial reports seminar. We have fun in this Workshop module and the creative approach is tremendously useful immediately to help the branch manager improve the profitability of the business.

This module can be customized to fit the client's specific financial reports and organizational structure.