The Power Play

One Day Workshop

This is a fast paced and exciting Workshop that provides the manager with immediate tools to apply to the business to grow profitable sales and improve cost productivity.


Most helpful, powerful and pertinent Workshops I have ever attended.
Jim Ambrose Workshops

The Mini Huddle Culture - Lean thinking for the wholesale business

Creating A Dynamic High Energy Organization That Continuously Finds Way To Do the Right Things

The One Day Workshop with Sales Management in the morning and the Mini-Hudddle Culture in the afternoon provides two powerful tools for managers. Sales Management presents the process and means to obtain profitable market share growth. The Mini-Huddle Culture explains and teaches the managers how to engage the people of the business in cross-functional teams to create the support required to achieve the sales management plan.

This Workshop module presents the tool kit in the form of a Workbook that is used in the session and ready to apply back in the business. It is interactive for the attendees but it is not the typical fun and games used in team building exercises. I explain and present a unique concept of how best to apply "lean" thinking for the wholesale business. The attendee will learn and practice implementing a unique way to engage the entire team to provide the right customer service and at the same time improve cost productivity of the business.

The attendees will learn how to apply techniques to engage their employees to look for and eliminate waste, achieve perfect customer service requirements, and improve productivity.

Once again, this tool kit is easy to apply, the manager is eager to get it started, and the employees embrace it because it is fun, they see its value, and it improves their day. This Tool Kit engages people cross-functionally to resolve issues and challenges in a fun and open way.