Boot Camp

Three Day Workshop

This Workshop uses the Case Study approach to apply all of the Business Skills and Leadership Training modules. The Case is a fun read about one day in the life of JJ Bones, the Branch Manager of a wholesale distribution business.


Jim's Workshop was great! One of the best I have ever attended. I look forward to reading more of his books.
Jim Ambrose Workshops

Cracking Accounts

This Selling Skills Module is also a popular One Day Workshop. It is based on the book Cracking Accounts and features AIM ARM and ENGAGE as the essential selling skill habits that are guaranteed to improve performance. This is not a motivational go-get-em approach nor is it an academic lecture in print and presentation slides. Cracking Accounts the Module and Workshop is an interactive session on developing selling skills, time zone disciplines and real world customer engagement techniques that are comfortable for the new salesperson to do and quickly embraced by the veteran sales people.

Cracking Accounts, the Workshop and the book, will show how to maximize selling cost productivity by significantly increasing the number of quality sales calls per day. It also provides the process to gain the interest of the inside operation to provide quality assistance and support to the outside salesperson.

Cracking Accounts presents a unique and secret weapon to ensure quality ENGAGEMENT by using the Call Packet and Pathological selling techniques.

The Selling process presented will allow the salespeople to best prepare for cracking the right accounts for profitable growth. Attendees will practice using the tool kit to conduct the best sales call possible so they will be ready to go the first day back in the business.

A copy of Cracking Accounts for all attendees is included in the Workshop.

This is an interactive Workshop that goes way beyond sales-by-objectives by taking the salesperson from preparing the sales call to working inside the customer's location to make a sales call in an interactive and creative style. Nothing is left out of the Tool Kit. The Selling Process presented connects the sales people's activity directly with the sales management plan and provides the perfect communication tool for everyone in the business.

This Workshop will make new salespeople highly successful their first year and provide a process for the veteran salespeople that will significantly improve their productivity and sales effectiveness. Since it is easy, and significantly improves sales productivity and sales performance, the sales people will eagerly embrace this process of selling. They will like it and use it.