The Power Play

One Day Workshop

This is a fast paced and exciting Workshop that provides the manager with immediate tools to apply to the business to grow profitable sales and improve cost productivity.


"Your presentation hit home, was a realistic view of their world with pragmatic solutions, everyone was able to relate to the discussions,..the communication excercise was very good, the concept of MUDA also hit home,..workshop was very good and right on target." Dave Domino President Liberty Roofing Center
Jim Ambrose Workshops

Sales Management

Branch Managers are very busy. They wear many hats, deal with various crises, work through difficult transactions and try to keep employees motivated and customers happy. And that is just in one day, every day.

Without a defined market intelligence and sales management process, the busy world of the branch manager will have hoped for results, instead of determined, designed and managed results. Without a disciplined sales management process, the manager tends to run the business around the clock and not with a compass leading the business to achieve a vision. The Sales Management Workshop begins with tools to understand and evaluate market potential in order to correctly build the sales management process in the business. A few case studies and an interactive discussion will build a unique market information Tool Kit for each attendee to use the first day back in the branch. This is a powerful tool to develop a strong sales management plan for profitable growth.

Each attendee will receive my publication, Sales Management Tool Kit. The Sales Management publication will be the workbook for the Workshop and a take home ready-to-apply process for managing the sales organization. This Sales Management Tool Kit is a creative way to build a partnership with the outside salespeople for profitable sales growth and improved selling productivity. This is a terrific Workshop module for branch managers and sales managers. When combined with the Selling Workshop module, it provides a powerful Workshop for both managers and sales people. Improved selling, sales productivity and an increase in profits result when both are implemented in the business.The Workshop will be customized to reflect the client's organization structure, sales reporting data and market.