Financial Analysis


This module is for every level of branch manager financial expertise, because it explains and creates ways to be creative with gathering and analyzing data to better understand any and all issues in the branch.


very insightful!
Jim Ambrose Workshops

Leadership And Organizational Behavior

A manager's leadership style and management (activities) create the behavior of the organization. This Workshop module first reviews the various types of behavior in the business and how each one affects performance. A fun and interactive discussion on life in the business, indicative of each type of organizational behavior, is conducted that provides an overwhelming impression of what the best leadership style should be to achieve the desired results.

Included with this Module is the presentation and discussion of the results of the Survey of employees of the attendees. This Survey provides the reality check of how the employees feel about life in the business. The Survey looks at communication, leadership characteristics, and management style of the participating attendee. It also provides feed back on the things the manager should change or stop doing that is getting in the way of creating the right morale and environment in the business.

The Survey results and the discussion on the characteristics of the right organizational behavior in the business provide the manager with the awareness and the tools to immediately improve leadership effectiveness.

The Survey process is done through this Website, and it is strictly confidential. The employees will need to have an email address and access to the internet. The Survey will take approximately five minutes to complete. Results are reported in the aggregate for each Workshop.