The Fundamentals

Two Day Workshop

This Fundamental Skills Workshop begins with the Leadership introduction module that recognizes the very busy world of the business manager and the way to find the time to do the "right things."


This is a sales call bible!
Jim Ambrose Workshops

People - One on One

All of the terrific Tools presented in my Business Skills and Leadership Training Workshops work very well in providing what the manager needs to grow profit. However, one very important Tool Kit cannot be left out. That is how best to communicate the performance needs of each individual in the business. This Tool Kit is very easy to use, fast to implement and comfortable for the employee. The results are immediate and positive. This process will boost morale.

This People One on One Workshop module does not take away from any formal compensation review or job descriptions. It is a superb Tool to improve behavior when used by itself or in tandem with a formal program. This Tool Kit is very effective in improving everyone's performance, even the very challenging, long term, resistant-to- change employee.

The Workshop attendees will learn about and practice this technique in an interactive learning process, and once again, receive a Tool Kit to use and implement back in the business.