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Relationships in selling.

April 4, 2016

Developing a pleasing and friendly relationship with the customer is a common approach by most of todays business to business sales people.    It has been the common approach for many years.    Often I would be told by a sales person that a particular account was hard to crack because the buyer has a strong relationship with the salesperson another firm, being the competitor.  

SO WHAT?  Most of those relatonships will not endure a better sales person and suplier.  A salesperson that approaches the sales call prepared to engage the customer with valuable information, follow through on open items and consisitently presents new ideas and problem solving products will beat the competitor that is relying on their relatonship with the buyer to continue to enjoy a large share of the business.

This is really good news for the business that invests in sales training and operations to be superior in how they conduct their sales calls and transact customer orders.    Most relationships can be cracked by being the best supplier.

Jim Ambrose